Underground Residential Electric Service Requirements

Call Blue Stakes before digging. It’s the law.

811 or 1-800-662-4111 

  1. Installation is to be in accordance with the latest edition of the NATIONAL ELECTRIC CODE.
  2. The meter base is to be located within 10 feet of the front (street side) of the structure.
  3. Locate the meter base a minimum of 3 feet horizontally from the gas meter.
  4. Never install meter base over window wells, steps, or other unsafe or inconvenient locations.
  5. Center of meter socket is to be a minimum of 4 feet, and a maximum of 6 feet from finished grade immediately in front of meter base.
  6. Avoid meter base installations near bedroom or bathroom windows.
  7. There must be a minimum free working space of 12 inches to the sides and 36 inches in front of meter base.
  8. Riser conduit is to be 2-inch GRC or IMC for services up to 200 amps. For larger services, contact the Power Department.
  9. No bends are allowed in the conduit riser between the meter base and the underground elbow.
  10. A sleeve is required where riser conduit passes thru pavement.
  11. The riser conduit is to be firmly attached to the foundation above finished grade with two separate unistruts and 1/2 inch diameter concrete wedge anchors. 
  12. Elbows are to be regular-sweep GRC.
  13. No more than 180 degrees of total bends are allowed.
  14. Buried conduit is to be 2-inch schedule 40 PVC for services up to 200 amps. For larger services, contact the Power Department.
  15. A pull line or poly rope capable of withstanding 400 pounds tensile strength is to be installed in the conduit after glue has dried.
  16. The trench is to be a minimum of 30-inches from finished grade. Do not radius trench.
  17. Dig trench to the edge of utility equipment where service will feed from and run conduit to this point. Leave trench open for 6 feet from utility equipment. Nephi City will install an elbow at this point. Contact the Power Department for point of entry into utility equipment. 
  18. Backfill material is to be free of rocks, stones, or objects larger than 2 inches in diameter.
  19. Trench must be backfilled before service is connected.
  20. Nephi City will provide and install cable and connect the service.
  21. The temporary service will be disconnected when the permanent service is installed.

If you have questions about any of these requirements, contact the Nephi City Power Department @ 623-0276.