Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

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Tree Permit

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Trees planted near power lines are a constant threat to the Nephi City Power electrical system. To ensure customer safety and electrical system reliability NCP maintains an aggressive tree trimming program.

Customer Information:

1. Customer Responsibilities
  • A year round, proactive Nephi City Power tree trimming policy is a preventative measure and customer cooperation has a major role in the policy's success.
  • Do not plant large or fast growing trees under or near existing power lines.
  • Call Nephi City Power if you notice any tree that is within 10 feet of a power line.
  • Customers can go to the Arbor Day Foundation website ( ) to verify the potential size and shape of specific trees before they plant them.
2. When planting, be sure to consider the following
  • Have  I filled out the Tree Permit to Plant?
  • The location of all existing power lines in the area.
  • The type of tree being planted and its proximity to the power line.
  • Necessary clearances, National Electric Code (NEC) & National Electric Safety Code (NESC) require trees to have a 10 foot clearance from all power lines. Clearance distance includes below, above and on either side of all power lines.
  • Be sure to consider future growth of the tree(s) being planted. Only plant trees that mature at 20 feet or less near power lines.
Call Blue Stakes at 811 to locate underground power lines two days before planting trees.

Figure 1 - Preferred Tree Locations

Tree Trimming
3. Who is authorized to trim trees that are near power lines
  • The customer should not attempt to trim any tree that is near a power line. Customers may hire a professional tree trimming crew at their own expense or call Nephi City  and we will have our professional tree trimming crew perform the work free of charge, if the work is deemed necessary
  • Upon request, Nephi City will trim a tree limb that is on a service drop (the power line that connects to the house or building). We do this service free of charge during normal business hours. Nephi City will not perform clean up or remove the limb from the premises.

Nephi City Power Information:

1. The Purpose of the Nephi City Power Tree Trimming Policy
  • Customer safety is the major concern when dealing with trees that encroach into the power lines.
  • Power outages and system reliability are also affected by trees that grow into Nephi City  power lines.
  • Nephi’s Tree Trimming Policy is intended to prevent accidents and outages using proactive tree trimming practices.

2. Right of Ways and Tree Trimming
  • Nephi has the right to trim trees before they become a problem. Nephi hires professional tree trimming crews to maintain safe electrical right of way corridors throughout its service territory.
  • Tree trimming crews trim trees that are close to power lines and electrical facilities. Crews hired by Nephi City Power will not trim for phone, cable television or any other telecommunication lines.

3. Methods of Trimming
  • There are various techniques used to trim trees that are too close to power lines. Depending on the size and shape of the tree and its proximity the power line, differing techniques will be used.

Figure 2 - Typical Tree Trimming Techniques

Tree Trimming
4. Tree Removal
  • When a tree is deemed hazardous, diseased, or cannot be pruned effectively without significant impact to its health or shape, Nephi City Power will suggest complete removal.