Mayor's Message

It is time for a new message.  For those who are reading the Nephi City Mayor’s Message for the first time---Welcome!  Nephi is a wonderful place to live and be.  We have a lifestyle, pace, and feeling of community that is increasingly rare.  We as city staff and elected officials continue to strive to make wise decisions to preserve the things we love about Nephi and continue the fine traditions made by those who have gone before us. Nephi has deep pioneer roots and there is a solid foundation upon which our community stands - this foundation is based upon principles of hard work, dedication, caring and sacrifice. Thank you all for carrying that on.  In these changing times, it is also necessary to be proactive.  We must certainly deal with the day to day challenges reactively but also have a focus on the future.  To that objective of future considerations,  we are continuing to push improvement projects that will enhance and provide for our comfort, security, and happiness. 

On another topic—Nephi City citizens will soon be or have been contacted by mail and otherwise, to complete the US Census form. The decennial census is the most inclusive civic activity in our country, covering every person in every household. The U.S. Constitution mandated a count of its people in 1790 (Article I, Section 2). The decennial census happens every 10 years, counting every person living in the United States to determine the population. The 2010 US Census found that 25% of Utahns were not counted!  Please respond to your Census 2020 questionnaire! It’s important that we “count everyone.” By doing so, we can plan and prepare with an accurate population count and data on past growth.  Our community will be better funded and better prepared for the future. Remember… You Matter! Be Counted! 

Lastly, I was in the midst of composing this message when the impact of the Coronavirus really began to manifest itself.  We as city staff and officials will follow the appropriate and required protocol. All of you please do the same.  We will get through this serious crisis together and carry on! 

Glade Nielson
Nephi City Mayor