Mayor's Message

January 2021---What a start to the New Year…  In November and December, I always get a little wistful with a touch of melancholy.  Then as we roll across the Winter Solstice and into the New Year, I am excited for all the potential that lies ahead.

First some updates:

Site work has begun on the new Juab Field House.  Donations continue to roll in that enable us to upgrade this exciting facility.

The redundant gas line for our valley was connected and completed a few days ago.  The soil work and asphalt will be finished up as we get into warmer weather.

We are currently working on the city budget.  Prior to now, this has taken significant time and effort in the first and second quarters of each calendar year.  For the first time, we are creating a 2-year fiscal plan/budget.  This will free up city council and staff considerably every other year to work on pressing matters more continuously. 

At this point in this year, I would sound a rallying call for all of us to take an individual and active part in strengthening our system of representative democracy.  It is solid and still works when we do it right.  Please have constructive and accurate dialogues in your homes about the history and the sacrifices and decision-making that created the greatest nation in the world.  Many of those details are being scrubbed from the curriculums of Civics and U.S. History.  We have survived and even thrived through hard times and we can continue to do so. 

Thank you for your presence and contributions in our community through an unprecedented year of tumult. In the last year, I witnessed the love, tenacity, innovation, and resiliency of business owners, education and healthcare professionals, law enforcement and emergency services professionals, parents, and youth as they endured the most challenging and discouraging year many had ever experienced.  And we made it.  Full Speed Ahead!