Survey Information

The General Plan Survey is now on to the Economic Development & Infrastructure!

The policies adopted by the city through this effort will be informed by your input. You can contribute through periodic surveys, participating in workshop meetings, and with the public hearing process.

There are a number of factors that influence the city. The following surveys are intended to highlight those trends that have shaped the community in recent years and to get a sense of their impact in the future. The information from this survey will play a critical role as the city develops and prioritizes its goals and policies.

ALL Surveys are back online and we would appreciate any last-minute submissions! Please take them today and join us on November 17th, Juab County Building Senior Citizens, at 7 pm!

Click on the link for the survey you would like to take. All surveys are about 5 minutes. Thank you for your participation.

Nephi Community Vision Survey

Nephi Public Infrastructure Survey

Nephi Economic Development Survey

Nephi Transportation Survey

Nephi Parks and Recreation Survey