Library Policies

Library CardLibrary Card Rules

We are excited for everyone to join the library, and actively use the library. We encourage all members and perspective members of the library to read the rules. They are as follows:


General collections can be checked out for 14 days. Special Collections cannot be checked out.


A donation of $1 is asked for each library card to cover the cost of the card. All patrons living outside of Nephi City limits will be charged a $25 user fee per family per year. This will include the $1 donation.

New card holders will be limited to one item per family member per checkout for up to three months. If materials are returned on time, there will be no limit to the number of materials checked out.


Materials can be renewed by phone during hours or by leaving a message after hours. They can also be renewed on the internet one time per checkout.

Patron Responsibilities

Patrons must give notice of change of address or phone number and loss or theft of card. Until notice is given, they shall be responsible for all materials checked out with their library cards.

Parents are responsible for materials borrowed by their children. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal caregiver signature to obtain a library card. All fines, losses, and damages to materials beyond normal wear are the responsibility of the patron and parent/legal caregiver.


References are required to obtain a library card. The name and phone number of someone who knows the applicant such as friends, family, neighbors, employer, or bishop.

Fines & Charges

Materials are due by close of the library on the due date. Items returned in the night drop after library hours will be checked in on the next business day. Fines accrue every day the library is open.

Item Description
Checkout Period
Book, Book on CD/ Music CD2 WeeksTwo times allowed if not on hold for another person.10 a day
DVD2 WeeksTwo time allowed if not on hold for another person.50 a day
Story Kits2 WeeksNot permitted.10 per item in Story Kit a day
Magazines2 WeeksTwo times allowed if not only hold for another person.10 a day
Special CollectionsNot available for check outN/AN/A

Overdue Materials

Overdue materials will be fines up to $2 each. Any patron owing $5 or more will not be allowed to check out any materials until all fines are paid.

Additional Fines

Materials returned without a bar code will be charged $.50.

Covers that are not returned or damaged for CD’s, Audiobooks, DVD’s, and Blue Rays will be charged the cost of the cover, the printing of the bar codes, and the printing of any other material needed. These fines are assessed on a per item basis.

Damaged Items

Damaged BooksDamaged items are charged on a per item basis. If materials are damaged while on loan, please return the item to the library to be repaired. Please do not repair them yourself. Materials that are found to be repaired by the patron will be charged additional fines, and can be subject to replacement fines. Service will be refused to a Patron, Patron family, or Patron household until all materials are returned and all fines are paid.

Lost items must be paid for. The cost of the item is set by the library at the time of purchase. If the item cannot be replaced, the library has the right to assess additional fines.

Overdue notices will be sent on past due materials. If a third notice is sent, a $2 charge will be added for paper, envelopes, and postage. After three notices, patrons will be turned over to Small Claims Court. All fees at the Small Claims Court stage become the Patron’s responsibility.

Any Patron that has been turned over to the courts two times will be refused library service.

Reserve Book Policy

Materials will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Materials will be held for three business days after Patrons have been notified. After that time the material will be lent to the next person waiting for the item. Patrons can reserve library materials online, by phone, or in person.

Interlibrary Loan

Patrons who are looking for books not in our library can request books through Interlibrary loan. Patrons must pay the return postage and return items on time. If an item that is obtained through interlibrary loan is damaged or lost; items will be assessed fees according to our library fees and that of the lending library.


The Nephi Public Library provides internet service for patrons to do research, homework, etc. Patrons are allowed to use email services.

A time-manager program has been added to all of our internet computers which will allow 1 hour use. Special permission can be granted by librarians for longer use.

All users must read the guidelines and sign an agreement to abide by the rules. All minors, under eighteen, must bring their parent/care giver into the library and sign a “Permission to Use the Internet” form. All children under 12 must have an adult (16 or older) with them when they use the internet. Users will be allowed use on a first come, first serve basis.

Printing Costs

$.20 per page, black and white; $.50 per colored page. Double sided printing is considered two pages.

Users are asked to sign in and out of the sheets provided by the library. If no workstations are available, patrons may sign on a waiting list and use will be granted in order of signing. Any use for illegal or inappropriate purposes to access objectionable materials is prohibited. Any use for commercial purposes or financial gain, or any use for product advertisement or political lobbying is prohibited.

Internet computers are filtered through the Utah Education Network, although these filters are not guaranteed to block everything that may be objectionable. Anyone found on inappropriate sites will immediately lose their internet privileges. Librarians have the right to monitor use and may do so as time and work load allow.

Parental Supervision

Librarians will not serve in place of parents in providing care and supervision of children. Parents are encouraged to work closely with their child as they explore the internet.

Conduct conductive to the library environment will be required at all times. Disorderly conduct, etc. will result in suspension or termination of privileges.


The signature on the application card shows that the applicant has read the rules, understands them, and agrees to obey the rules of the library.