Water - Sewer Department

2021 Water CCR


Due to the shortage of Toilet Paper, we are issuing a warning to the public. DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING BUT TOILET PAPER. 

Flushing anything but toilet paper causes line back-up and will cause sewer line failure. Imagine having your line blocked, and then causing a whole neighborhood line to fail. It can happen. Please don’t flush the following:
      - Paper Towel
      - Tissue Paper
      - Feminine Products (Tampons, Pads, Wrappers)
      - Diapers
      - etc.

Culinary Water System

Nephi City has approximately 67 miles of culinary water pipe, that ranges in size from 2 inch to 16 inch. Each individual residence typically has 3/4 inch or 1 inch service lateral, and commercial services ranging from 2 inch to 6 inch.  Nephi City’s culinary water system is supplied from springs and 2 wells. The City water crew takes great pride in providing safe, clean culinary water to all residence of Nephi City.  City crews take multiple water samples each month at various locations throughout the city. These samples are then sent to the state lab to test for harmful contaminates. Nephi City meets all state standards for water quality. Every year we send out a Consumer Confidence Report that has valuable information regarding our water system.

Sanitary Sewer System

Nephi City has approximately 52 miles of sanitary sewer pipe, that ranges in size from 6 inch to 18 inch. Each individual residence typically has 4 inch service lateral.  Nephi City’s sanitary sewer system runs to the west side of the valley and discharges into a series of lagoons.  The piping system and sewage lagoons are maintained by the water and sewer crew.  The City crew typically cleans the entire system on a rotating five year schedule.