Water Project 

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What is the Water Project?

Much of Nephi City's water distribution system is antiquated and undersized. In order to conform to the State of Utah Rules for Public Drinking Water Systems, it is necessary to upgrade and replace old pipelines, some of which have been in service for over 70 years. This will not only provide a more robust system, but it will expand capacity within the system as well. Along with the upgrades to the distribution system, Nephi will be adding two additional water storage tanks to meet the needs of current users and plan for additional growth. Upgrades to the city's chlorinating building and spring facilities will also be a part of this project. To assist with projected growth, the city has purchased a new well and refurbished an existing well to put it back into service.

Why is it needed?

The water system is in dire need of an upgrade and this project will provide it for most of the system. In addition, growth projections for East Juab County are significant for the next 40 years. In order to plan for this growth, the city needed to look for new water sources and improve the system of delivery.

Construction Schedule

The project will start in October of 2018 and is estimated to last between 2 - 2 1/2 years. Work on the storage tanks and water lines on the outskirts of the city will occur first with pipeline replacement within the city beginning in the spring of 2019.

CURRENT UPDATE: October 26, 2021
  • Road CLOSED:
    On 200 East from 800 North to 900 North
  • ALL  HOMEOWNERS: Please locate your water shut-off valve! With the project continuing there may be an instance where the shut-off valve will be needed for your home.
  • Valve replacements have begun in the marked areas that are highlighted in red. Please be aware that to do so water shut-offs will occur. These affected areas will receive notices of water shut off times and dates to facilitate the quick replacements of these valves.

Have a Question about Water Project construction?

Our city office can help answer most questions. If you have a question we invite you to call the Nephi City office at (435)623-0822. 

Have a Concern about the project?

Construction crews work diligently to keep the project flowing with minimal disruption to the city, however, with all projects, there can be concerns. The Water Project is a big one for our city and a long one if you have a concern or a complaint the construction company that has been awarded the project has a concern/complaint binder located in the city office that you can request to write in. Please ask the front desk for the book and they will be happy to assist you.

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