Animal Control

Be a Good Pet Neighbor

As a dog or cat owner you know the companionship, the loyalty and love, the pleasure and sheer fun that your dog or cat adds to your life. But there are many pet owners who do not realize that with every right goes a corresponding duty. Pet owners must consider their responsibilities toward neighbors and toward their communities. If they don't they are not "good dog and cat neighbors." Your pet does not have a sense of civic responsibility, so you have to think for him. Put yourself in your neighbors' place and try to imagine how your pet's habits affect them. It's up to you to train your pet early so that you will enjoy each other without spoiling the enjoyment of others.

The DO'S and DON'TS of Dog and Cat Ownership:
  • Teach your dog or cat to be obedient and well behaved.
  • Walk your dog on a leash and curb him when necessary.
  • Teach your dog or cat to stay in your yard.
  • Train your dog to stay quietly within his/her quarters while you are away.
  • Train your dog to walk quietly at heel on a loose leash.
  • Take your dog or cat to the veterinarian at least once a year for a checkup - a healthy dog or cat makes a good pet neighbor.
  • License your dog with the City.

  • Let your dog or cat roam the neighborhood.
  • Let your dog bark excessively.
  • Let your dog or cat soil your neighbors' shrubbery or lawn, or tear up any flower gardens.
  • Let your dog chase cars or bicycles.
  • Let your dog or cat frighten or bite the postman, milkman, or other service people.
  • Let your leashed dog lunge at or jump on passers-by.

Animals Running at Large / Leash Law

Nephi City does not allow animals to run at large at any time. Animals must be on a leash at all times they are not on the owner's property. A leash is defined as any chain, rope or device used to restrain an animal.

For more information please see our code Title 5 Chapter 2.

operating a dog kennel1and shall be required to pay an annual kennel license fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per year.

Expiration: The license fee shall cover the calendar year in which the license was issued, expiring on December 31 of the year of issuance, regardless of the date when issued.

For more information please see Title 5 of the Municipal Code.

Live Animal Trap Rental

Live animal traps are available for rent.  You will find the rental agreement here.  There is a $25 deposit for the use of the trap for 7 days.  When the cage is returned during the 7 days $20 is refunded.  If the trap is damaged or not returned during the 7 days, the $25 deposit will be forfeited plus an additional $50 will be charged by Nephi City.