Arts Grant


Nephi City will be accepting applications for grants dedicated to arts for the next grant cycle (July 2023 – June 2024).  Arts grants are funded through the City’s Parks, Arts, and Recreation (PAR) Tax passed by voters in November of 2018. Collection of this tax began in the City’s fiscal year beginning in July of 2019. Each fiscal year (ending June 30th) the collections will be totaled. The City Council has designated 5% of the PAR Tax revenue to be available for grants dedicated to local arts organizations.

All Arts Grant applications must be submitted on or before August 18, 2023. Please fill out and submit the form below. The form requires you to provide information on the following areas:

• Describe your organization
• Describe the project
• Describe the amount you are requesting
• Describe in detail how the funds will be used and more

While you are preparing your project, please keep in mind that if funded, you will be requested to submit copies of advertising, program, reviews and other printed materials generated by your project.

Grant Application Form