Tree Planting Information

Nephi City has the honor of having many trees in our area in part thanks to many years of our Pioneer settlers, Residents and Nephi City Parks Department. It is a beautiful place because of the efforts of many.

One of our best tools is our Nephi City Tree Arborist! Garrett Bethers, Parks Department Manager, is a certified Tree Arborist. Tree Arborists help provide knowledge and trimming expertise to provide health and longevity of a tree. 

While the city is grateful to the many years of planting, we also recognize that some trees provide special challenges when it comes to planting near roads and in park strips. What is a beautiful tree, can also be a hazard. That is why we are teaming up with our arborist, Garrett Bethers, Park Department Manager and Rust Finlinson, Power Department Manager to help you safely plant trees in your park strip!

Tree Permit
Tree Trimming

This request is ONLY for trees that are interfering with power lines in Nephi City.