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Request a GRAMA Report

  1. Request a GRAMA Report
  2. Nephi City ordinance allows for up to ten (10) business days to provide the requested
    record, a denial or a notice of extended time for response to records request.
  3. Describe with reasonable specificity such as the type of report wanted, address of occurrence, names of people involved, case number if you have it, etc.

  4. Please select (ALL) of the reasons that you are requesting a GRAMA Report.*
  5. IF record is "Non-Public", check one of the following and attach necessary documentation.*

    By submitting this form the following cost will be charged:

    $10.00 per report*. 
      *If the report takes longer than 15 minutes to process, $25.00 per hour will be charged after the first 15 minutes.

    ADDITIONAL COSTS (per request):
      Photos: $25.00 per disc
       Redacted bodycam/videos: $30.00. An additional $30.00 will be charged per hour AFTER the initial hour to prepare.

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