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Request for Electrical Service (Residential)

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  2. Please submit this form for each building to be served by Nephi City Power (NCP) for which you are preparing the electrical design specifications and plans. With this requested data, NCP will reply to you, giving the necessary electrical service information for you to complete your design. A digital copy of the site plan (showing proposed transformer location, meter base, and outside disconnect) and the electrical single line diagram is required. Please email to Rust Finlinson at or deliver to the address above. By signing this document, you hereby acknowledge that the information provided is accurate and take responsibility for this information up to and including financial cost for the replacement of NCP's equipment due to any inaccuracies contained herein.
  3. Service Desired from Nephi City Power
  4. Delivery Voltage: 240/120 1-Phase
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  6. To be completed by Nephi City Power Department
  7. The meter base for this installation is to be located on the ______________ side of the building.
  8. Service will be provided from __________________________________________
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