Policies and Procedures

Participant and Spectator Code of Conduct 

Nephi Recreation promotes sportsmanship, respect, integrity, and fair play in all of our programs. We are concerned about keeping a high standard of sportsmanship in each of our programs. Participants, parents, coaches, officials, and Recreation staff should be able to feel like they are in a “safe” environment when they attend practices and games. 

Nephi Recreation programs are focused on: 

  • Fun 
  • Life Skills: Teamwork & Communication (Understanding that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose) 
  • Skill Development 
  • Great Sportsmanship & Positive Attitude 
  • Effort: Give 100% 
  • Exercise & Good health 

Behavior not acceptable includes: 

  • Profanity of any kind 
  • Arguing with officials, coaches, or Recreation staff 
  • Abuse or harassing participants, officials, scorekeepers, or other spectators 
  • Smoking, drinking, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on City property 

Coaches and Recreation staff will remind you about the Code of Conduct as needed but it is each individual’s responsibility to adhere to the Code of Conduct. Consequences for not adhering to the Code of Conduct could include being asked by the Recreation Director or his representatives to be dismissed from the program site. Failure to leave the site could result in the involvement of the Police Department. Actions could also lead to not being allowed to attend City sponsored functions in the future.

Refund Policy

  1. Nephi Recreation will offer a refund for Youth & Adult Sports/Classes if requested before the last day of registration.  A full refund will be given minus $5 processing fee or a 100% refund will be credited to a participant’s online Recreation account.
  2. Once a sport/class is in process (any time after registration ends) no refund will be given. In cases of season-ending illness or injury, refunds may be considered with a doctor’s note by the Recreation Director.
  3. All other situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case situation