Budget Document 2018-19

Budget Message - Fiscal Year 2019

In several priority setting sessions in February and March, the City Council identified desired outcomes for the coming fiscal year.  This priority setting aids staff in allocating limited resources toward these outcomes.  The Budget Document is the financial summary for funding the operations, capital improvements, and priorities for Nephi City.  Some of the major priorities for the city in the 2019 fiscal year are below:

General Fund Priorities

  • Street Improvements in new subdivisions
  • Create a plan for repairing and updating the 13 bridges in the city
  • Funding for the Victim Advocacy Group
  • Part-time administrative assistant for the Police Department
  • Savings for new streets equipment
  • Exploration of a Recreation Center/Complex
  • Swimming Pool Improvements
  • Funding for a Children's Librarian
  • Purchase of Leaf Blower for Cemeteries
  • Freeway Exit Sign Improvements
  • Golf Course equipment purchases
  • Design for a Cremation Garden

Utility Fund Priorities

  • New Water/Sewer Employee
  • Construction of a Public Works Facility
  • Crash Protection on Natural Gas block valves
  • Additional Natural Gas Main Line Connection 
  • Electric Yard Security Improvements

The City continues to experience significant residential growth.  Many empty lots within the current city boundaries are being filled.  Growth pressures from residential zones will soon spill over into commercial growth.  While this will create impacts for utility and road systems, it will be an opportunity to grow the sales tax base.  This will assist with funding for departments within the General Fund.  

In fiscal year 2018, the City Council instituted additional revenue sources to assist with funding for these growth pressures.  A new public safety/dispatch fee was added to the utility bills to provide funding for contracting with Utah Valley Dispatch for 911 services.  In addition, the City Council approved a Transient Room Tax on rented rooms for less than 30 days.  This is estimated to provide an additional $25,000 for the city's General Fund.  

One item identified by the Council as a priority this year is a multi-year phased recreation center.  Demand for recreation programs remains high and a city-owned facility to accommodate this demand has been discussed in the past.  As the city moves forward, public input will be sought to determine the best path forward.  

This Budget Document outlines the finances for each department within the General Fund as well as the Capital Projects Fund, and the Utility Funds consistent with Council priorities.