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One- Time Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities in our community currently...
  • 2020 Mammoth Parade Committee
        Mammoth Parade Flyer 2020

  •  Volunteer to help our committee with the parade route, use your skills to help. For more information click HERE.

  • NEPHI BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT:     Beautification 2020
    When: Saturday, May 2, 2020
    Time: 9 am - 3 pm
    Who: Citizens of ALL ages

      On Saturday, May 2, 2020, Nephi City welcomes volunteers to help clean up the trail that goes along Salt Creek west of 7-11 to the Canyon View Ballfield. We would like to make this a beautiful walking trail and eventually put lights up so people can stroll from tournaments between Orgill fields and Canyon View. The main emphasis is to pick up trash and trim some of the new limbs that are blocking the trail. We will have Trail Patrol leaders wearing Umpire type shirts, and request that volunteers find one of them to sign a waiver to release Nephi City of all liability. All participants are encouraged to wear gloves, eye protection, and keep six feet of social distance from each other.
      Please bring trucks or trailers if you have them; rakes and small handsaws or clippers for trimming. We will leave the big branches to the Park and Recreation crew to dispose of. The limbs need to be dragged to awaiting trucks or trailers on both east and west sides. We hope to commence at 9 in the morning and terminate at three. We will have water available. We hope this will be a day to encourage all Nephi residents to clean up their own yards and remove junk and transport it yourself (covered) to Juab County Landfill.
      Thank you for keeping Nephi beautiful!