Budget Document 2020-21

Budget Message - Fiscal Year 2021

Each year the City Council reviews the outcomes from the prior fiscal year and turns their eyes toward the next one.  As the Council identifies outcomes for the upcoming fiscal year, staff can know how to allocate scarce resources.  This Budget Document contains the financial plan for 2021 fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).  The budget outlines operational, capital improvement, and project priorities for Nephi City.  

A number of infrastructure projects are underway or will be finishing up toward the beginning of this fiscal year.  The city will be completing a major overhaul of the water system, adding two new water tanks, refurbishing an old well, purchasing a new well, and upgrading 26 miles of pipeline throughout the city.  A second natural gas mainline pipe connection will be completed in early summer of calendar year 2020.  This will provide a redundant gas supply to the residents of Nephi City as well as Mona, Levan, Rocky Ridge, and many residents of east Juab County.  Nephi City’s second substation was recently completed on the south end of the city and the need exists for a third substation on the north end of the city to accommodate commercial and residential growth.  A new Public Works facility is under construction and is also expected to be complete in the summer of 2020.  This will help consolidate several of the city’s utility departments and provide additional space.  Each of these projects were designed to prepare the city for expected development over the next couple of decades.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and the associated impacts to the economy, it is unclear how the budget for next year will be affected.  Much will depend on the ability for the economy to rebound.  The budget may need to be amended based on the outcome of tax collections for the next several months.  Some of the priorities identified below required additional funding sources.  Given the economic situation that communities are facing due to restrictions on behavior, these revenue sources may not be pursued at this time and, consequently, the priorities may be delayed.  

The priorities and outcomes that the City Council would like to see for the upcoming fiscal year were consolidated in a priority setting session in March.  Departments present their requests to the City Council and the Council prioritizes those requests according to the overall general vision for the city.  The prioritized outcomes are categorized into General Services and Utility Services.  General services are those that are funded through tax revenues and charges for services to the general public.  Utilities are fee-based and are directly tied to individual home utility usages.  Priorities will be funded as funds are available.  Unfunded priorities may be carried over to the next fiscal year.  

General Service Priorities/Outcomes

  • School Resource Officer
  • Additional personnel for the Parks & Cemeteries department
  • Police cameras for entryways into the City
  • Inspection and GIS services for new development
  • Examine options for a new Police Station
  • Additional hours for Justice Court Clerk
  • Increased funding for Communications Coordinator duties
  • Purchase of Golf Course mower
  • Redesign of Pilot’s lounge at airport
  • City Hall improvements to reduce ice buildup on east side roof
  • Transportation Master Plan
  • New Deck Seal and Lounge Chairs for swimming pool
  • Dump Truck savings for Streets Department
  • AED (automated external defibrillator) for swimming pool
  • Maintenance funding for Gun Range
  • Design for Stage in Main City Park
  • Savings for Airport Water Line Extension
  • Inventory for Concessions at Town Square Park
  • New Tarp for Swimming Pool
  • Portable Pitcher mounds
  • Truck for Recreation department
  • Additional funding for seasonal help at swimming pool

Utility (Enterprise Fund) Services

  • Substation III - Electric
  • New Truck - Natural Gas
  • Sewer pipe lining - Sewer
  • Vac Trailer - All utility departments
  • Master Plan - Electric
  • SCADA/Outage Management System - Electric
  • New Solid Waste Collection Vehicle - Solid Waste
  • Re-alignment of Nebo Heights Water Lines - Water
  • Savings for future purchase of Vac Truck - Sewer/Water

The budget document presents the planned revenues and expenses for each city department for the upcoming fiscal year as well as any planned capital projects.   Thanks go to the staff for assisting in the preparation of this document, particularly the Finance Department, and to the City Council for their community vision and priorities.

- Seth Atkinson - City Administrator

Budget Document

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