Amended Current Year Budget

Since a budget is essentially a financial plan, it is sometimes necessary to modify the budget to match actual expenses and revenues.  The table below shows the modifications made to the budget for Fiscal Year 2020.  


  • A slight change in revenue to add a budget for recreation concession revenue.  
  • Additional surplus revenues were collected in FY 2020 and carried over in Fund 41-Capital Projects Fund.
  • PAR Tax budget revenue was increased to match actual collections.
  • Increase to Alcohol Enforcement grant for extra shifts in FY 2020.
  • A budget was created for the Local Building Authority which was a fund created during the current fiscal year.


  • Building Inspector expense increases are also related to growth in the community.
  • An account for the transfer of Parks dedicated PAR tax to the Capital Project Fund was created along with a budgeted expense.  
  • Increase to Alcohol Enforcement expense account for extra shifts in FY 2020.  
  • Expense budget for the Local Building Authority was created.