West Desert

Recreational Paradise

Though it may seem like the middle of nowhere when one is passing through on the way to somewhere else, the desert west of Nephi is a recreational paradise. As part of the Great Basin, it includes a series of valleys and ranges. One major peak is Notch Peak, a 4,000 foot cliff great for rock climbing. Another giant of the area is Ibapah Peak, stretching upwards of 5,000 feet into the sky. Hiking areas include Bull Flat, Cat Canyon, and Deseret Peak. Also in the area are lava fields and tubes, the Little Sahara Sand Dunes, and a few camping sites. Typical of a desert, there are many snakes, lizards, and birds of prey, but there are also a small number of wild horses and Pronghorn antelope thriving in the area. Though wildlife is scarce, trilobite and fossil remains can be found in the West Desert, inspiring many visitors to rock hound. Upkeep of the area is managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Dugway Proving Ground, and a Goshute Indian reservation.