The recorder is responsible for coordinating the meeting documents, and monitoring compliance with laws governing public meetings for the City Council.   Meeting documents include agendas, staff reports, minutes, ordinances, resolutions and audio recordings.
recorder 2
The recorder is responsible for the management, classification, and retention of City records, as well as tasks related to the formal dissemination of public information, Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) requests, and all legal notifications.  (GRAMA Request Form)
recorder 3
The recorder serves as the City's Election Officer and is responsible for the coordination and proper execution of Municipal Elections, which are held during odd-numbered years according to State law.  During election years we will have the information on elections located on Nephi City's Elections page.
recorder 4
The recorder is also responsible for the codification, maintenance and distribution of the City Code, facilitating annexations and boundary adjustments, conducting bid openings, custodian of the City Seal, countersigning contracts, administering oaths, and notary services.
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