School Resource Officer




The School Resource Officer program was designed to develop a partnership between law enforcement and the school community. The objective is to provide a positive law enforcement influence that concentrates on safety and security, encourages relationships between officers, school administrators, teachers, and students, and fosters education.

Current School Resource Officers

The Nephi City Police Department currently has two School Resource Officers who are assigned to different schools at this time. Officer Bell is assigned to the Juab High School and Juab Junior High  School. Officer Robinson is assigned to all three elementary schools in the school district. The Nephi City Police Department School Resource Officers are currently in spaces at each school. The school district provides a percentage of the officer’s salary each year and the officers returns to regular patrol duties when school is not in session.


The school resource officer establishes and maintains a close partnership with school administrators in order to provide for a safe school environment, attend and participate in school functions, and build working relationships with the school's staff as well as with students and parent groups.
  1. pd-157

    Kyle Bell

    School Resource Officer

  2. pd-178

    Sarah Robison

    School Resource Officer