Request a GRAMA Report

Request a Grama Report

Police Reports - GRAMA

Download GRAMA Request Form  ***This Form Uses Adobe Acrobat if you need to download it you can do so HERE***

Electronic GRAMA Request Form

In order to obtain a copy of a report, you must be the subject of the record or the legal guardian of a minor listed on the record. You cannot receive a copy of an active report. The report must be cleared and completed before a copy will be given to you. (If you are being charged with a crime in the case, you can obtain a copy through Discovery through the Attorney’s Office while the case is still active.) If you are trying to get the report on behalf of another individual, you must have a signed and notarized third-party release.

Utah state law provides 10 working days for processing your request (5 days if you can prove that you must have an expedited response.) When you make a request, you will be required to fill out a GRAMA Request Form (use the link above)and provide the following information:

  • Photo Identification
  • Date(s) of Incidents Requested
  • Description of record and reason for the request (must be described with reasonable specificity)
  • Case Number (if available)
  • $5.00 per report. If the report is lengthy you may be charged more for the copy
  • $25 charge for CD/DVDs
  • $2 per page charge for colored copies
  • $2 fee for certified copies

Once you fill out the GRAMA Request Form you will need to either fax, mail or bring the request to the Police Department. Your fee is due before the report is released. You can fax the request to 435-623-0309. You will then need to call the police department at 435-623-1626 and make arrangements for payment.