Nephi City Shooting Range


Welcome to the Nephi City Shooting Range!

The Nephi City Police Department is excited to announce the changes that are coming to the Nephi Shooting Range. A generous group of volunteers, businesses, Eagle Scouts, and provisional organizations have joined forces to come together and improve the Nephi City Shooting Range.  Together these groups are donating money, materials, and time to the overall improvement of the range. Look here for updates!

Construction Update

FAR NORTH LANE IS CLOSED until further notice. Please be advised that heavy traffic will be in and out of that range doing construction.

Fall 2018: New targets have been added and the range was cleaned by a group of Eagle Scouts. 

Spring 2019: New Shooting benches, canopies to cover new benches, Cement shooting pad, new gates, adding sand to the backs of the ranges.

*NOTICE* Due to the updates that are being made in phases the shooting range will be closed at will by the police department for the safety of the volunteers.

RULES of the Range:

  1. No ATV riding inside the gun range.
  2. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction
  3. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
  4. Always keep the action open and the firearm unloaded until ready to fire.
  5. Always know your target and what is beyond it
  6. Be sure the gun is safe to operate
  7. Know how to use the gun safely
  8. Use only the correct ammunition for the gun
  9. Never use alcohol or drugs before or during shooting
  10. Store guns so that they are not accessible to unauthorized persons
  11. Know where others are at all times
  12. Shoot only proper targets
  13. No littering, Pack out what is packed in.
  14. Firing outside of the range or beyond targets is Strictly Prohibited!

Shooting Range Hours

October 28, 2020:
  • Open Dusk till Dawn


Generous donations from citizens, volunteers, and businesses locally have given. We thank you, this would not be possible without you! If you would like to donate money, materials, equipment, or time please contact Andrea Holm at the Nephi City Police Department at (435)623-1626.


We want to hear your suggestions about improvements that you want to see please send them to